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Discover Your Speaking Style to Shine on Stage for Manchester Public Speaking

Public speaking isn’t just about getting up on stage and sharing a piece of your mind. It's about connecting with your listeners, making your message stick, and maybe even changing a few lives along the way. In Manchester, a city brimming with creativity and lively discussions, diving into the world of vocal archetypes can really up your game in public speaking. So, let’s get the ball rolling on how adopting different speaking styles can help you resonate with your audience!

Getting to Know Vocal Archetypes

Think of vocal archetypes as your speaking toolkit. They’re different styles you can dip into to make sure your message hits home. Over the years, many speaking pros have crafted their unique style by blending different vocal archetypes. Now it’s your turn to explore these styles and find what works for you in the heart of Manchester’s buzzing public speaking scene.

The Vocal Archetypes

A. The Authority

  • Characteristics: Picture a speaker who’s sure of their stuff, speaks clearly, and holds the room’s attention. That’s The Authority for you.

  • When to use: When you’ve got crucial facts to share or need to guide a team through a process.

  • Example: Think of Alan Sugar’s no-nonsense style in the boardroom.

B. The Coach

  • Characteristics: Warm, encouraging, and full of pep – The Coach knows how to spark action.

  • When to use: When it’s time to motivate your team or share some life lessons.

  • Example: Imagine the energy of a football coach rallying their team at half-time.

C. The Storyteller

  • Characteristics: The Storyteller draws listeners in with vivid descriptions and a friendly, conversational tone.

  • When to use: Sharing personal experiences or taking your audience on a journey through a narrative.

  • Example: Remember how your favourite teacher made history come alive with tales of the past?

D. The Inspirer

  • Characteristics: With a knack for touching hearts, The Inspirer lifts spirits and dares listeners to dream bigger.

  • When to use: When you aim to uplift your audience or rally them behind a cause.

  • Example: The way local heroes speak passionately about Manchester’s vibrant community.

E. The Entertainer

  • Characteristics: A sprinkle of humour, a dash of wit, and a lot of charm – that’s The Entertainer’s recipe for keeping audiences hooked.

  • When to use: When you want to lighten the mood and keep your audience engaged with a sprinkle of humour.

  • Example: Picture the lively banter of a stand-up comedian on stage.

F. The Educator

  • Characteristics: Clear, organised, and insightful, The Educator makes complex ideas easy to digest.

  • When to use: Sharing knowledge or explaining tricky topics in a workshop or seminar.

  • Example: The clarity and structure in a well-delivered lecture at university.

IV. Polishing Your Vocal Archetypes

Finding your blend of vocal archetypes is a bit like finding your own voice in the bustling world of Manchester’s public speaking. Start with recognising your natural style, then step out of your comfort zone to try out other archetypes. Practise makes perfect, so hop onto any of the numerous speaking platforms around Manchester to test the waters.

Tailoring Your Vocal Archetypes for Maximum Impact

Once you’ve got a handle on different vocal archetypes, it’s time to mix and match according to your audience and message. Sometimes, a dose of Authority blended with a touch of Educator does the trick. Other times, being The Entertainer can make your message memorable. The key is to read the room and adapt your style to create a lasting impact.

The world of public speaking is your oyster, and exploring vocal archetypes is your map to treasure. As you step onto stages across Manchester, remember, mastering these styles isn’t about changing who you are, but bringing out the best in your natural speaking style.

Ready to discover your unique blend of vocal archetypes and make a splash in Manchester’s public speaking scene? Drop us a line at for tailored coaching that’ll help you hit the high notes every time you step on stage!

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